About vHub

What is vHub?

vHub is an online platform that enables smart trailer sharing within the transport industry

What’s our mission?

Provide the trucking industry with a safe and simple digital platform to fulfill all semi-trailer rental needs. vHub gathers owners and renters of semi-trailers on a marketplace that enables smart collaboration.

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Our philosophy

To create value for the trucking Industry by leveraging the full potential of digital technologies. Build a community and stimulate collaboration to increase productivity and profitability for all. All of this in a spirit of sustainable development.

Not so new to trucking

Although vHub is a young tech startup, our people have a rich experience in the trucking industry, financial services and technology. Finloc 2000 Inc, the parent company of vHub, has been dedicated to the trucking industry for more than 40 years. Our asset based financial products are known for being simple, fast and flexible. The solid reputation of Finloc 2000 Inc. is the result of our good governance and our genuine commitment to the trucking industry.

Sébastien Blouin vHub President

Sébastien Blouin

Francis Roy vHub Vice President

Francis Roy

Vice President

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