Finding the Right Trailer-Sharing Service for Your Operations

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Are you running into capacity issues or trailer pool complexities cutting into your profits? Today’s shippers, carriers, and brokers are finding innovative solutions to trim costs and improve fleet efficiencies through modern smart rental platforms. The rental game is changing.

A 2021 examination of commercial semi-trailer rentals and leasing inventory showed an increase of 6.5% since 2020 (or 585,000 trailers) in North America. This means rental and lease trailers now make up around 14 percent of the total population of all North American trailers of all types and ages. 

Charles Willmott, CEO of WillGo Transportation Consulting, explained: “The use of rental/lease fleets today is simply to just to fill capacity because of the unavailability of either new or used trailers (to buy) in the marketplace. It is kind of the perfect storm because most of these rental/lease companies are running darn close to 100 percent utilization, with a lot of empty lots around the country.”

But traditionally, renting a semi-trailer means going through a process that is sluggish, inconvenient, and difficult to oversee. Better technology has led to solutions for smart trailer sharing (or smart trailer rental)—which makes it possible to find the trailers you need directly from other owner-operators, carriers, or brokers during times that work best for both parties.

Let’s dive into why smart trailer rental is growing in popularity and how to find the right trailer-sharing service for your operations.

What is Smart Semi-Trailer Rental?

Smart trailer rental is the future of renting trailers, solving capacity issues, and managing resources effectively. Smart freight trailer rental is like having a personal assistant for your trailer needs. Smart technology makes the process more streamlined and convenient for renters.

Gone are the days of filling out paperwork and communicating with rental agents in person or over the phone. Smart semi-trailer rental is all about using cutting-edge technology with a platform that provides real-time information about the trailer’s location, condition, and usage. This means you can quickly identify the right trailer ready to go whenever needed.

In a nutshell, smart freight trailer rental is a game-changer for anyone who needs a trailer for a gig or has excess assets sitting idle. With one smart platform, you can easily access information about your rental, make sure the necessary documents are in place, and reserve trailers from anywhere at any time.

This solves some of the biggest challenges fleet managers, shippers, and logistics players face regarding agility and asset utilization.

The Challenges of Traditional Fleet Ownership

Asset ownership can be a real headache. From ongoing expenses to the difficulty of managing a fleet, it’s no wonder that many companies are turning to asset sharing as a more efficient and cost-effective solution to manage fluctuations in capacity.

One of the biggest challenges of traditional fleet ownership is the high upfront costs and maintenance. Upkeep for a fleet of vehicles and trailers can be incredibly expensive, with costs for fuel, tune-ups, repairs, and insurance all adding up quickly. If you can’t get the most out of your assets, you are hemorrhaging money.

Plus, it’s time-consuming to keep track of maintenance schedules and ensure that vehicles are being used efficiently. Not all carriers want to deal with unexpected breakdowns or accidents. These factors can make owning assets a significant headache for business owners—especially those just starting.

By sharing assets, businesses can reduce overhead costs and avoid the hassle of correctly scaling and managing a fleet. Instead of buying additional trailers, companies can access a shared pool of assets as needed, paying only for what they use. This makes it easier to adjust according to demand and ensures companies aren’t wasting money on unused assets.

And those who do have idle assets now have an easy and effective way to list their trailers for relocation, rental, and more. Why stick to just traditional fleet ownership? Smart freight trailer rental is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Features to Look for in a Smart Freight Trailer Rental Service

Not all smart freight trailer rental platforms are created equal. Smart trailer rental is growing in popularity because it offers a range of benefits that traditional freight trailer rental simply can’t match. This means many new players are jumping into the pool because the water is warm. If you want to rent semi-trailer assets for your logistics company or list semi-trailers for rent, it’s essential to choose the right platform. You want to work with a company that offers features crucial to improving and supporting your business operations:

Capacity on demand allows companies to quickly and easily access the trailers they need without worrying about owning or maintaining a fleet of trailers themselves. This is a huge advantage for shippers who need to scale up or down frequently.

Improved visibility over rental assets is another key benefit you want to get from a trailer rental platform. By using images and real-time monitoring, logistics companies can keep track of their rental assets. A smart setup will help prevent theft, damage, and other issues. True visibility also includes reporting to help companies optimize their operations by making it easier to assess and analyze trailer usage data.

Unique trailers to fit the needs of your operation should be available on the platform you choose. You want to choose the type of trailer that best fits each load when working with extended capacity. Some owner-operators and carriers use their freight trailer rental as a test drive before purchasing to see if a specific type of trailer (like a standard flatbed or lowboy) is right for the cargo and route they typically run.

Optimize operations around the clock with smart trailer rental that makes it possible to reserve and pay for trailers online at any time. No more rushing to the rental location to fill out paperwork before the office closes for the day. Instead, you can browse available trailers listed online, select the one you want, and make a payment—all from the comfort of your own home or the cab of your truck! This makes the rental process super convenient and accessible, especially for people with busy schedules or living far from rental locations. vHub’s Badger tool even helps streamline the selection process by searching for the most optimal listings for your unique route needs.

Streamlined invoicing and digitized documents are important if you want the true advantage of smart trailer rental. Instead of dealing with multiple invoices and manual processes, carriers or owner-operators can access all their rental information in a single cloud-based platform. This minimizes overhead costs and frees up time for logistics players to focus on other aspects of their business.

Robust reporting and reliable data are crucial to working with a dependable, smart freight rental company. Too many companies complicate the rental process or offer a service model you can’t rely on. You need a platform that works and simplifies the process at every point possible.

Freedom in pricing is another crucial factor because it offers flexibility and cost savings compared to traditional trailer rental. The owner of the trailers should have the final say on the value of their trailer—potentially paying out a fee if they need the trailer relocated with a load out.

Choose the right partner to reap the full benefits of smart trailer rental and stay ahead of the competition.

VHub is the Future of Smart Trailer Rental

Get ready to have your mind blown because the future of trailer rental is here, and it’s looking smarter than ever. Say goodbye to the headache of managing multiple rental sources or trying to justify ownership.

vHub is the game-changing single-source trailer rental platform that’s taking the smart rental world by storm in the logistics world.

What sets vHub apart from the competition is our commitment to innovation and efficiency. We are a rental company specifically designed for logistics companies and truckers. vHub’s Badger tool pushes the boundaries on the next-generation of trailer rental with features like:

  • Empty mile avoidance
  • Optimized connection processes
  • Dynamic “offer now” capabilities
  • Streamlined repositioning

Our tools never stop working for you. Logistics never sleeps, so why should your rental tools? We help save shippers money and reduce carbon emissions by finding available trailers on a driver’s route to avoid deadhead trips. Our advanced algorithms match asset owners to power-heavy carriers based on their specific needs and preferences, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient rental process. Badger even helps you make informed, real-time offers on available trailers while balancing trailer supply and demand across different regions.

So, if you’re ready to join the future of trailer rental and streamline your logistics processes, look no further than vHub. Sign up now or schedule a demo with our team to learn more about what vHub solutions can do for you.

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