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How Shippers, Owner-Operators, Carrier Networks, Brokers, & More use vHub’s Universal Trailer Pool Marketplace

Waste is rampant in the supply chain, and according to a 2020 survey by the FMSCA, 70-hour drivers spent more than 6 hours waiting to unload or load trailers per week. However, those times could be slashed if the trailers were already loaded and ready for a simply pickup and haul. These drag-and-drop, or haul-and-drop or hook-and-drop programs, depending on who is describing the process, are critical to reducing the wasted time. In fact, let’s consider how much time is going to waste and how an innovative universal trailer pool marketplace — vHub — is getting big benefits for shippers, brokers, owner operators, fleet managers and carriers.

In this infographic and article, learn how shippers, owner-operators, fleets, carrier networks, 3PLs, and freight brokers gain benefits from using vHub’s Universal Trailer Pool Marketplace.


The Data of How Often Capacity Goes to Waste Due to Idle Trailers

vHub connects shippers, brokers, owner-operators, fleet managers and carriers with asset owners with idle capacity to avoid wasted idling capacity while also helping parties to:

  • Earn $800-$1500 per trailer as a driver.
  • Reposition trailers to cut the usual 18-20% of ongoing waste.
  • Create trailer-sharing programs, handle everyday management, and roll out more power-only solutions.


  • Access the vHub platform.
  • See trailers available for rent or idle in your local area in the trailer pool marketplace
  • Tender a trailer.
  • Get confirmation.
  • Request a trailer hauled to your site.
  • Load the trailer.
  • Tender the full trailer with a carrier or broker.
  • vHub sources the trailer and carrier for you based on your rules of engagement.


  • Put your unused trailers for rent in a trailer pool.
  • Bid on Shipper Lanes by creating your own trailer pool
  • Prioritize Power-Only service.
  • Get capacity in front of more shippers.
  • vHub sources the trailer and carrier for you based on your rules of engagement.
  • Click a button, source drivers from owner-operators that want easy moves.


  • Increase your Rate Per Mile
  • Find short-hauls that are simple drag-and-drop.
  • Offset dead -head miles & expenses
  • Reposition trailers for carriers, brokers or shippers.
  • Make better use of your time and mileage.


  • Reposition trailers to meet broker or shipper needs.
  • Launch drop-and-hook trailer programs.
  • Rent out idle capacity to avoid idle waste.

Enterprise & White Label Solutions

vHub provides a series of solutions that work across companies of all sizes, including offering:

  • White-label services to help shippers, rental entities, and carrier networks to launch power-only trucking capabilities or trailer pools.
  • Loadboard managers, fleet managers & dispatchers can balance trailer pools
  • Integration with TMS, Loadboards, Telematics to create more value and avoid delays in repositioning trailers for brokers or commercial truck rental companies.
  • Put unused trailers to work as rental options for those in need of capacity within the vHub iFrame Saas.
  • Post or complete repositions/leasing around-the-clock.
  • Avoid the hassle of manual paperwork and logging of assets with integrated data sharing.
  • Clear, transparent pricing structure without licensing fees for the first year.

How Does It Work for Everyone?

  • Vist vHubapp.com
  • Sign up.
  • Find or tender repositioning needs or trailers.
  • Pay and get paid from a single platform.

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