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Tractor Trailer Rentals: Making the Most of Idle Capacity

Semi tractors are the backbone of the supply chain network. If the shipping and supply chain is the circulatory system of the nation’s supply lines, then tractor trailers are the blood cells that do all the heavy lifting. Like every other industry today, the shipping and transportation markets have seen unprecedented levels of disruption and upheaval. A shift towards a more tractor-trailer drivers for hire approach to securing available capacity has become the norm. Shippers seeking answers to ‘where can I find an available tractor trailer near me’ now have a solution – tractor trailer rentals and improved digital telematics.

Digital Tools and Platforms Make It Easy to Connect Tractor Trailer Drivers for Hire With Available Trailers

Like much of today’s modern-day supply network, trailer rental services use real-time tools and apps to match trailer owners with drivers who need to secure capacity. It is a simple process that helps someone who needs to find empty trailers they can use. This is done by searching online platforms and finding currently available rentals in their area.

The increased interest and demand for tractor trailer drivers for hire come out of a growing need to meet customer’s demands and needs:

  • Fast and affordable shipping services
  • Same or next day delivery options
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring
  • Access to trailer sharing pools
  • Sustainable shipping and transportation
  • Local insights and customized delivery
  • Efficient response to last mile dropoffs

Tractor trailer rentals continue to be in high demand, especially as recovery continues due to COVID scares and disruptions.

What Kind of Trailers and Vehicles can be Accessed With Tractor Trailer Rentals?

As customers demand faster delivery options and remain fixed on affordable yet sustainable solutions, shippers and carriers alike need to find tractor trailer drivers for hire. SupplyChain247 pointed out in a 2021 article that “between 2019 and 2020 alone, there were over 14 million job postings for truck drivers. In other words, they are in extremely high demand, and failure to meet this demand over the long term will have widespread consequences. This may be a crucial moment for investigating the potential trucking shortage.

Continued driver shortages and increasing e-commerce shipping demands have created this current balancing act between supply and demand and availability. In light of this, it is essential to have an understanding of what kind of access tractor trailer rentals offer and what is available:

  • Light Duty Trucks- perfect for everyday loads and cargo
  • Cargo Vans- smaller volume and local deliveries made easy
  • Medium Duty Trucks- handles larger and heavier loads
  • Heavy Trailers – especially designed for heavy and large freight
  • Refrigerated Trucks- temperatures controlled cargo delivery
  • Flatbeds- open trailers for oversized and overweight loads
  • Tankers- intended for liquids, gasses, and hazardous materials
  • One Way Trailers- popular trailers for local drop and hook delivery

Matching the correct load and trailer type with experienced tractor trailer drivers for hire can make it easier to get rush orders and sensitive deliveries made more quickly and effectively.

Compare the Facts Concerning Owning and Renting Trailers

With innovative tractor trailer rentals, idle trailers can be rented and used on-demand for short or long-haul needs. According to LogisticsManagement’s 2019 report, “the digital freight brokerage market (aka, “truck-as-a-service” or TaaS) is expected to surpass $52 billion in annual revenues by 2025—up from $11.2 billion in 2018. Thanks to that revenue potential, the research firm expects digital freight brokerage to be the biggest market segment, with the telematics devices segment growing from 25.7 million units in 2018 to more than 73.1 million in 2025.”  Knowing what the benefits of renting trailers as opposed to owning them can be best understood by looking at why trailer rentals are so popular:

  • It is easier to add trailers immediately to keep up with on-demand capacity needs.
  • Shippers can easily access the exact type and number of trailers they need.
  • Quick disposal of trailers that are no longer needed or used is much easier.
  • Conserving capital by reducing cash payments and overhead expenses is possible.
  • Renting trailers reduces the risks associated with old and outdated vehicles.
  •  Shippers can easily access the latest in trailer technology and tools for less.
  •  Trailer maintenance and emergency roadside service are included with rentals.

With demands growing and issues of driver shortages, capacity crunches, and bottlenecked supply lines, it is essential to maximize the efficiency and use of every tractor trailer driver for hire that becomes available.

Get Premier Services With Every Trailer Rental by Working With Industry Experts

When one considers that more than 95% or all carriers and shippers operated today with 20 or fewer trucks total, the appeal of trailer rentals becomes all the more apparent. Working with rental companies and trailer experts is vital to ongoing growth and success. Here are some essential things to look for to ensure premium tractor trailer rental services and high ROI:

  • GPS trailer tracking on every trailer
  • Dedicated support center and team
  • 24 hr roadside service included with rental
  • Performs pickup/delivery of equipment
  • Full-service maintenance on all trailers
  • Client dashboard and reports
  • Semi trailer repositioning opportunities
  • On-demand access to status reports
  • Automated notifications and progress updates
  • Cloud-based document management
  • Fast and easy payment protocols

Finding reliable and pre-vetted tractor trailer drivers for hire and trailer availability streamlines the process, so drivers are on the road with the capacity they need.

Find the Best Possible Match For All Your Tractor Trailer Rental Needs by Partnering With vHub Today

The sudden push for automation and digitization within the supply chain and the trucking industry has been a long coming, but it has certainly taken off in the last few years. This explains the ongoing demand for tractor trailer drivers for hire and the way truckers are searching for ways to improve capacity and productivity with tractor trailer rentals.

In response to the increasing pressures of e-commerce, COVID disruptions, and customer demands, advancements in technology and innovation have become the answer to most shippers’ most pressing problems. Innovative apps and technology-backed platforms improved end-to-end productivity and profitability. The question of ‘how do I find reputable and reliable rental options for tractor trailers near me’ comes down to knowing what to look for with an industry partner. Contact vHub and register today to learn more.


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