Frequently Asked Questions

What is vHub?
vHub is a unique platform that facilitates the smart sharing of trailers for the merchandise transportation industry.
How do I open an account?

Simply fill out the form on The vHub team will review your application and confirm your account within 1 business day.

How do I list my trailers?

Simply create an account and add your trailers as well as their corresponding availabilities and rates. If you have your fleet details in CSV format, we are happy to import the information onto our system.

Will my trailers be automatically visible to renters?

No. You must add availabilities for your trailers in order to be visible to potential renters. 


As an owner, may I decide to whom I can rent my trailers?
vHub encourages owners to collaborate with all renters on the platform. However, an owner can end a collaboration at any time.
What happens if my trailer is returned late by a renter?

In cases of late returns, vHub encourages renters to quickly contact owners to make arrangements. Otherwise, a $100 daily penalty will be automatically applied, on top of regular daily rental fees.

I use a telematics system. Can you integrate it?
Yes. vHub can integrate telematics solutions in order to calculate distances travelled and automate billing.
What are the rental fees?

Each owner sets his or her own rental rates.

Who insures the rented trailers?

Each renter must be insured. The owner can view the proof of insurance and cancel the rental if not satisfied with the coverage. 

Who is responsible in the event of damages?

Damages are under the responsibility of the renter. 

How are damages managed?

Inspections on trailer pick up and return are seamlessly integrated into the vHub experience.

What about damage to the cargo?

Each renter is responsible for ensuring his or her cargo is adequately insured. 

Who provides roadside assistance?

vHub enables renters and owners to contact each other.

What if I’m unsatisfied with my experience with a renter?

As an owner, we encourage you to leave a comment on vHub regarding your experience with the renter.

Who takes care of invoicing?

vHub takes care of all payment details: the invoicing and collection of the funds from the renter, as well as transferring the payment to the owner of the trailer.

When will vHub pay me?

vHub transfers owners the revenue earned in a given month on the 15 of the following month.

Who will pay my taxes?

For trailer owners, vHub collects and remits taxes to the government, everywhere in Canada. 

How will the instructions to access the yard be communicated to the drivers?

vHub makes that information available to drivers upon reservation, as well as on the mobile app.

What happens if there is no internet connection when picking up or returning a trailer?

This is not problematic as the application functions without an internet connection.

What happens if the trailer isn’t available at time of pick up?

Owners and renters are encouraged to contact each other directly to make alternate arrangements.

What happens if I discover damage on the equipment at the time of the pick up?

vHub recommends you take photos of any damage noted before departing with the equipment.

What happens if I’m unsatisfied with my rental?

We suggest you evaluate each rental. In this way, the most trustworthy owners and renters within the vHub community will have the best visibility on the platform.

Are there standards to adhere to when putting equipment for rent?

Owners must provide detailed information about each trailer. That way, the renter can be better informed before making a reservation.

Is technical support available?

Yes, the contact information for technical support is included on the mobile app and website.