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What is vHub?

vHub is an online platform that enables smart trailer sharing for the transportation industry.


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Your Benefits


vHub allows you to find trailers nearby



Our powerful and automated platform enables you to find or add a trailer in less than 5 minutes



vHub is available anytime and anywhere thanks to your connected device



The confidentiality of your information is well-guarded. All information and transactions are encrypted using the SSL protocol, one of the most powerful encryption systems in the world



vHub allows renters to find trailers near them so they can save time and money. vHub enables trailer owners to generate revenue and save on fleet repositioning costs



By reducing trips with empty trailers, vHub contributes to reducing greenhouse gases, road congestion, noise pollution and wear and tear of our roads

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 Your concerns

We take care of everything to ensure your trailer sharing experience is as simple as possible

vHub was created for you: truck owners, fleet managers and independent truckers. Our processes were designed around your needs and interests. Ensuring the best customer experience is one of our most important values.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is vHub?
vHub is a unique platform that facilitates the smart sharing of trailers for the merchandise transportation industry.
How do I open an account?
Simply fill out the form on The vHub team will review your application and confirm your account within 1 business day.
How do I list my trailers?
Simply create an account and add your trailers as well as their corresponding availabilities and rates. If you have your fleet details in CSV format, we are happy to import the information into our system.
Will my trailers be automatically visible to renters?
No. You must add availabilities for your trailers in order to be visible to potential renters.
Who insures the rented trailers?
Each renter must be insured. The owner can view the proof of insurance and cancel the rental if not satisfied with the coverage. 

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