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What is vHub?

vHub is a powerful arrow in the transportation industry’s quiver.

The vHub platform brings together those looking for capacity and those looking to maximize asset utilization. 

Shippers, Brokers, and 3PLs need capacity from drivers, carriers, trailer rental companies, and owner/operators.

The vHub platform makes it easy to rent or list idle trailers, helping logistic companies get more out of their underutilized assets.

Tools like Badger and Interlock make it easier than ever. Digitize the load-out process and keep everything in one Convenient Hub.

Modern SaaS Platform

A Platform That Enables Capacity Flexibility


The vHub map allows you to find trailers nearby or on a route so rental makes logistical sense.


Find a trailer in less than 5 minutes with a powerful, user-friendly smart platform.


Use the vHub app on your phone to access our smart sharing platform anytime, anywhere.


Feel confident that our encrypted and highly protected system safeguards your information.


Save time and money by digitizing asset sharing, fleet repositioning, and load-out listings .


Utilize empty trailers to reduce greenhouse gasses, road congestion, and noise pollution.

who uses vhub?

Built For Logistics Companies & Asset Owners Alike

Logistics companies often need power-only providers to move idle trailers. Some companies want to access truckload capacity without buying a new asset or spending a ton of money on loadboards. You need an optimized tool that helps automate and manage a trailer pool thta provides capacity for those needing it and a mechanism to turn idle trailers into cash.

List an Asset

Whether you have assets stuck in the wrong location or just want to get more out of your bottom line, vHub helps you publish a listing and enforces the rental process to make sure assets are cared for and returned on time.

Rent an Asset

Do you need a trailer for capacity increase? Get paid to move a trailer and increase your bottom line as you simultaneously pick up an extra job on your route. vHub allows you to connect directly with asset owners, providing 24/7 access to listings.

Increase Transparency

A sole, interconnected platform makes it possible to manage your moves with increased visibility and accountability for both parties.

Finally, a Load Out Trailer Marketplace for Everyone

Robust vHub Features For a Smarter Load-Out Marketplace

Badger creates a dynamic “offer now” marketplace that makes it possible to quickely find renatels that make sense and fit your need:
Interlock helps you scale with load-out and two-away business logic that allows you to accomplish more with less:


Increase visibility with insights into equipment, availability, reservation, asset locations, and more.

Automated Billing

Use easy payment getways and dynamic billing took to take the hassle out of the exchange.

Stored Date

All of your paperworks, historical, information, reviews, messages, and information on one centeral Hub.

Adjustable Repots

Run reports to get insights into how load outs or repositioning agreements impacted your bottom lline.

Supports Team

Need help? Our attentive team is ready to help with multi-language support capabilities .

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open account?

We verify members before allowing them onto the platform, and getting started is easy. Simply fill out the form on vHubapp.com. The vHub team reviews applications, confirming accounts within one business day.

As an owner, can I decide who I can rent my trailers to?

vHub encourages owners to collaborate with all renters on the platform. However, an owner can end a collaboration at any time. Additionally, our platform supports user-created reviews to help members stay accountable and know what to expect.

When will vHub pay me?

Members connect vHub to their banks with a secure payments getway. vHub transfers any revenue earned in a given month on the 15 of following month. The helps ensure the job is completed and there aren’t any issues before payment is transferred.

What happens if there is no connection when picking up or returning a trailer?

We provide tracking from the point of activation to the point of drop-off. However, you won’t need the internet to make this connection. The vHub app functions without an internet connection so you don’t have to worry about low-services areas.

How are damages managed?

We seamlessly integrate inspection on trailer pick up and return to help facilitate transparent transactions. We encourge renters to take pictures of existing damage upon pickup. Additionally, asset owner can leave reviews or require repairs if a renter causes damages to the trailer. The platform is designed to help increase accountability so owners and renters can choose reliable partnerships.