vHub at TCA TRUCKLOAD 2024

To learn how we are shaping the future of supply chain.

Get the Details Right with Interlock

Brokers and owner-operators can avoid empty miles and find ideal matches to meet their capacity needs, route, budget, and timeline.

how is interlock different?

Interlock's Smart Features

Simplify your agreements, documentation, and billing process with vHub’s Interlock solution—no need to search through paperwork or hound renters with invoices. Run reports that support your business with key analytics to help you grow and improve your bottom line—whether you are an asset owner or renter. Interlock enables automated payouts on the 1Sth of every month so you don’t have to chase down payments or wonder when the next check is coming

Enterprise Trailer Pool
Management ​

Centralized Invoicing For All Parties

Automated Payouts

Dynamic, Bi-Directional Reporting

Load Out, Two-Way Business Logic

the value of interlock

Smart Matching Capability

Interlock helps businesses of all sizes streamline their business.
By supporting better data and organization, Interlock makes it possible for you to accomplish more without taxing your team.

Whether you are enterprise with a lot to manage or a one-man-show who’s always short on time, Interlock can help.