vHub at TCA TRUCKLOAD 2024

To learn how we are shaping the future of supply chain.

What Is vHub?

A smarter way to manage capacity and asset utilization

We get it. You don’t want another tool unless it makes life easier. But you’ve never seen asset management like this before. vHub is an optimized platform logistics provider use to automate and manage trailer sharing. Finally, a way to digitize your load-out process and keep track of asset sharing.

Dynamic Marketplace

Idle trailers hemorrhage cash. Whether you need to move a trailer or just want to increase your earnings, list trailers for secure short-term rental deals. 

vHub simplifies the asset process by offering a digital platform that enforces asset agreements, while supporting automated tracking, reporting, and payments.

Badger Optimization ​

vHub created Badger to support repositioning matches and an “offer now” approach to deals, making it easier for asset owners to connect with power-only or asset-lite managers looking for rentals. 

Using Badger, brokers or owners-operators can avoid empty miles and find ideal matches in seconds to meet their capacity needs, route, budget, and timeline.

Interlock Managements

Simplify your agreement, documentation, and billing process with vHub’s interlock solution-no need to search through paperwork or hound renters with invoices. Run reports that supports your business with key analytics to help you grow and improve you bottom line whether you are an asset owner or renter. Interlock enables automated payouts on the 15th of every month so you don’t have chase down payments or wonder when the next check is coming.

The Solution To Your Capacity Needs

Getting started with vHub is simple. As a load-out marketplace, vHub provides clear asset maps and listings from logistics providers all over the U.S. We support both side of the transaction, allowing you on focus on beyond the rental agreement.

List an Asset

Whether you have assets stuck in the wrong location or just want to get more out of your bottom line, vHub helps you publish a listing and enforces the rental process to make sure assets are cared for and returned on time.

Rent an Asset

Do you need a trailer for capacity increase? Get paid to move a trailer and increase your bottom line as you simultaneously pick up an extra job on your route. vHub allows you to connect directly with asset owners, providing 24/7 access to listings.

Increase Transparency

A sole, interconnected platform makes it possible to manage your moves with increased visibility and accountability for both parties.

I want to use vHub to:

Search for and Rent Trailer Capacity​

Reposition your Trailers & View Available Load Outs​

Integrate with vHub for Enterprise Scale

Frequently Asked Questions

Why vHub?
We are a growing and evolving marketplace set on transforming the logistics industry with a rental process you can trust. As expert developers with a background in trucking, we understand the industry and see the gap caused by traditional trailer rental processes. Our tools are designed with logistics teams in mind—aiming to solve challenges that make it difficult for companies to be agile.
Is vHub Secure?
Our platform keeps information guarded and confidential using SSL protocol to encrypt all transactions. Your information is valuable, and we take that seriously. We also verify users before allowing them to set up an account.
How do | open an account?
We verify members before allowing them onto the platform, and getting started is easy. Simply fill out the form on vHubapp.com. The vHub team reviews applications, confirming accounts within one business day.
Are there standards to adhere to when listing equipment?
Owners must provide detailed information about each trailer. The listing won’t go live until availabilities are set. We want to make sure the renters are as informed as possible so they can make decisions that best fit their business needs and available loads.
What happens if my trailer is returned late?
In cases of late returns, vHub encourages renters to quickly contact owners and make new arrangements. Without an additional agreement in place, a $100 daily penalty is automatically applied on top of the regular daily rental fees. A daily penalty helps ensure agreements are taken seriously and owners aren’t left without a clear timeline in place.