vHub at TCA TRUCKLOAD 2024

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How to Use vHub

We connect asset owners to renters that want to use or reposition these units. Here's how it works, step-by-step.

Step 1

The owner makes units available for use or for repositioning

After adding trailers to their account, an owner adds availabilities to the equipment at a given price.

Step 2

The renter books the units they're interested in

The renter will look at the specifications, the available dates, the location and the price of the units to decide whether they want to reserve the equipment or not.

Step 3

The driver picks up and activates the unit

Once the reservation has been accepted, the renter can assign a driver to the unit. This driver will then go to the pick-up location to inspect and activate the trailer through the vHub mobile app.

Step 4

The driver returns and deactivates the unit

Once the reservation is completed, the driver must return the unit to the designated parking lot, inspect and deactivate the trailer through the vHub mobile app.

Step 5

In the mobile app, the owner and renter both leave ratings on each other's experience with the reservation

After the reservation has been done, the owner can rate their experience with the renter and vice versa.