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For Shippers,Truck Trailer Leasing & Repositioning Just Became Easier

Shippers have faced blow after blow the last few years between COVID-related shutdowns, supply chain disruptions, inventory shortages, and fluctuating consumer demands. This instability and uncertainty have led to a need for better truck trailer leasing options. Freight shipping, logistics, and supply chain management are the nation’s backbone and critical players in local and national economies. The need for innovative services, like semi-trailer pools and access hubs, continued to be a primary issue for transportation service providers. Meanwhile, the American Trucking Associations expects freight tonnage in the U.S. to grow 24% in 2022, pushing revenue 66% higher, reports Supply Chain Digital. Still, that demand means shippers must use all available resources better, especially as stockouts and limited new trailer manufacturing remain disruptions. As a result, more flexibility in truck trailer leases and better trailer sharing and repositioning options have made it a little earlier for shippers who know how to take advantage of these opportunities.

Why Is Repositioning and Trailer Rentals Hard- and Why Does it Matter?

Like most aspects of shipping and transportation, today, trailer repositioning and rental management have been less than straightforward for managers. To truly understand why this is and what has led the industry to its present, it is essential to grasp what repositioning is and how it relates to truck trailer lease and rental services.

Repositioning is essentially the relocation of a privately owned trailer by a trucker or owner-operator to move cargo and transport specific loads. In the real world, it entails a driver finding available trailers in one location that they can use to haul a load while at simultaneously ensuring available trailers are not all accumulating in one hard-to-reach place.

Fleet Equipment Magazine highlighted this growing demand for accessible and movable capacity in the following way: “Trucking companies can operate as much as 25% annually with empty trailers. Combined with an industry average of a roughly 3:1 trailer-to-tractor ratio, that leaves a significant amount of trailer capacity unused and available.” Improving truck trailer leasing and repositioning options helps shippers load and unload faster and saves drivers time and resources by providing nearby capacity availability.

Better Repositioning Starts With Tech and Innovation

Like any new and innovative concept, truck trailer leasing has taken time to gain traction. But now that its worth has been proven and demand is rising with the industry, the time has come for better options and services. Better rented and leased truck trailer options improve technology and innovation. As highlighted in a 2021 publication by the University of Florida IFAS Extension, companies and businesses across all industries adopt an approach that monitors consumers’ wants, needs, and habits and uses this information to monitor demand and make predictive decisions for the future. This concept influences every aspect of the supply chain and has begun rippling through repositioning and rental services. Apps, digital platforms, mobile access, real-time monitoring, and on-demand searches are some of the many  ways modern technology and telematics improve logistics for drivers, truckers, and owner-operators.

Benefits of App-Based Trailer Rentals and Repositions

The benefits of modern digitalized and automated truck trailer leasing, renting, and semi-trailer repositioning come in a variety of forms, including:

  • Local Access. Having available capacity at the local level allows drivers to find leased truck trailers more easily.
  • Quick Process. Digitally automated platforms enable shippers to access available trailers when and where needed.
  • Simple Procedures. App-based rental hubs are available anytime, making truck trailer leasing convenient.
  • Safe and Secure. Modern apps and platforms are guarded by state-of-the-art security at every step.
  • Financially Sound. Digital capacity pools help renters find truck trailer leases nearby, saving time and money.
  • Eco-friendly. Fuel waste and emissions are reduced with less back-and-forth driving and more efficient load hauls.

Keeping up with the times has presented an ongoing challenge for the shipping and supply chain industry. Current trends require continued innovation and optimization from start to finish. Embracing modern technology makes it easier for shippers to master the process of repositioning and leasing trailers and take advantage of available idle capacity.

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