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How Modern Tech is Supporting Better Work Environments — Not Replacing Jobs

Technology has revolutionized nearly every aspect of our lives over the past decade, including the workplace. As a result, many people wonder how modern tech affects workers and the work environment. Is technology replacing important jobs, or does it have a useful place in a healthy workplace? This blog post will explore how modern tech supports better work environments, not replacing jobs.

What is Modern Tech, and How Has It Shaped the Workplace?

It’s almost hard to remember life just two decades ago when no one used their phones for driving navigation or email. Think back to when Facebook access was limited to only certain college students or how you had to drive to a business to see if it was open because hours weren’t listed for anything online.Going back even further, you might remember when factory machines couldn’t do the bulk of the manufacturing plants’ prepping, packaging, and moving jobs.

Modern technology has become so integrated into our lives that we almost can’t remember what it was like. There is often resistance to each development because people aren’t convinced technology will be a true improvement or worry it could replace human workers. However, the recent impact of COVID-19 pushed businesses toward digital migration rapidly and opened the door for additional tech advances in the supply chain industry.

The Positive Impact of Modern Tech on Work Environments

Without a doubt, technology has changed company capabilities and workplace expectations. Artificial intelligence (AI) and big data have helped companies lower costs while boosting business.

Enabling Remote Capabilities

Working on the go is now possible with increased online access, cloud-based solutions, and device-optimized platforms. For example, technology has made it possible for truckers to have easy access to information — like weather reports and route directions — while on the road.

Supporting the Gig Economy

With modern technology, the gig economy has become increasingly popular. Owner-operators and brokers can choose spot buys and lanes using a load board. vHub supports the gig economy by helping connect power-only players with idle assets via a smart trailer rental platform.

Providing Growth Flexibility

vHub is an example of technology that helps your business scale faster than ever. With modern solutions, you can quickly adapt to increase capacity and boost revenue when you are ready without making a long-term investment too early on.

Improving Workplace Productivity

With technological advances, workers can get more accomplished daily. For example, truck drivers no longer have to spend time logging miles because their routes are automatically cataloged. And logistics planners don’t have to spend as much time researching and creating the right routes because technology like Badger is always working to find the optimal solution.

Boosting Workplace Communication

Technology has made connecting with other team members, partners, and customers easier than ever. Most companies now have an established virtual communication process — often by email, text, or a messaging platform like Slack.

Examples of Modern Tech in the Workplace

There are many ways modern tech is used frequently in logistics workplaces. Here are a few examples of  the most common ways technology helps truck drivers, brokers, shippers, and other logistics players.

  • Document Organization: Documents stored on the cloud are readily available to access from any device.
  • Route Optimization: Dispatchers often use AI technology to find the fastest and most cost-efficient route, reducing fuel use and deadhead miles.
  • Tracking and Updates: Polygonal geofencing makes it possible to pinpoint where drivers are or when loads have moved through certain areas.
  • Billing and Payment Processing: Automated billing and electronic payment processing simplifies partnerships and improves cash flow.

Challenges of Modern Tech in the Workplace

While technology improves many tasks, it comes with its own set of challenges. Before adopting a technology, businesses should run a cost analysis to ensure that the technology is worth implementing. It may take time for your team to get accustomed to new technology before they can use it efficiently. It’s also important to consider any security risks that might come with a new technology or process.

How Modern Tech is Supporting Better Work Environments — Not Replacing Jobs

Many jobs done by technology are redundant, time-consuming tasks that workers are happy to delegate — like sending out update emails or searching for the best route. Technology contributes to a human-centered workplace where you can use your team to be more efficient and productive. Rather than replacing jobs, technology frees up professionals and provides people with new opportunities.

vHub technology is another advancement changing the logistics landscape. Businesses can use the vHub platform to optimize asset sharing and trailer rental — making it possible to grow and gain more market share. Take advantage of smarter technology and learn more about smart trailer sharing today!

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