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JD Redmon Joins Executive Leadership Team and Repositioning Innovator, vHub

SAINT-GEORGES, Quebec—JD Redmon has signed on as the new Chief Revenue Officer of vHub, indicating the company is ready for growth and targeting a larger audience in the US and North America.

vHub President and CEO Sebastien Blouin is thrilled to have Redmon join the team. “JD brings 10 years of transportation and rental experience to vHub, having worked for Hertz and most recently as Vice President of Marketing at TTN Fleet Solutions, the industry’s leading emergency roadside service (ERS) in the trucking industry,” Blouin said. “His strategic expertise will help us grow and maintain a strong competitive advantage.”

JD’s entry to vHub emphasizes that the product is ready to go to market. Specifically and with his marketplace expertise, JD is helping build the commercial infrastructure’s unique value proposition of rental & repositioning.

vHub is focused on Transportation entities that want to improve asset utilization rates. Now is the time for vHub prospects to sign up as capacity issues, scheduling delays, driver shortages, supply chain backlogs, and other problems continue to plague the industry.

JD echoed this, saying he is excited to help build a solution that tackles national supply chain issues and influences the current trend of “progressive transformation” in the transportation industry. “I want to bring attention to the issue of how today’s drivers can better use their power-only assets. I want to help them avoid wasted capacity, idle time, deadheading, and other issues related to poor transparency and a lack of access to idle trailers and capacity.”

vHub was created to make life easier for: trucking companies, owner-operators, fleet managers, OEMs, and leasing companies. The leading-edge processes of finding relocation needs and connecting them to drivers were designed around the unique needs and demands of the transportation industry that keep the supply chain network moving. An easy-to-use interface and experience are sure to keep vHub growing, and with Redmond and content from The Robinson Agency, it will be unstoppable.

About vHub

vHub creates value for the trucking industry by providing a safe, simple digital marketplace to fulfill any semi trailer rental and reposition needs. This online platform and app bring owners and renters of semi trailers together in the spirit of collaboration to increase productivity and profitability for all shippers, brokers and carriers. With advanced mapping, speed and simplicity, this robust technology enables smart trailer sharing within the transport industry. Although a relatively young tech startup, the vHub team has rich experience in and a genuine commitment to the trucking industry. Visit vhubapp.com to learn more.

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