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Smart Trailer Trends for 2022: Rentals and Beyond

As the world has started opening up again, there were many advances in technology due mainly to the pandemic and the subsequent quarantine to let people continue their careers and lives. The goal is to leverage those upgrades for the freight business.

Companies like Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb, among others, have enabled people to use their cars or home and turn them into money-making assets. Similarly, freight businesses can now start leveraging smart trailers to make it convenient for shippers and carriers to rent one while turning a profit. This revelation is just the beginning. There are many more benefits to utilizing smart trailers.

What Are Smart Trailers?

Smart trailers are simply trailers with advanced digital capabilities integrated with IoT technologies to provide the optimal tractor-trailer for a job. According to Transport Topics, “Advances in telematics and data analytics redefine the technology-enabled freight trailer. The proliferation of inexpensive sensor tags, cameras, and data collection hubs combined with real-time reporting and the transition to faster wireless networks have greatly enhanced trailer monitoring capabilities.” In short, when someone rents a trailer, there’s no need for heavy inspections or manual updates. The only thing needed is to input data, and the trailer makes the necessary adjustments.

Smart Trailers Are the “In-Demand” Function in Today’s Logistics

In today’s day and age, “smart” features aren’t just nice to have. It’s become a necessity. Technology is now more innovative than ever, from phones to refrigerators, and smart trailers are no exception. For example, if the trailer is transporting animal products like Dairy, meat, or eggs, the trailer must be cool and dry. smart trailers are capable of recognizing this need and fulfilling it accordingly. If the cargo requires a flatbed, the trailer can provide it. Trailers also have smart sensors that enable proper communication between drivers, the home offices, and other concerned parties.

Smart Trailers Are Giving Rise to Trailer Analytics

Data is a priceless commodity for companies. Analysts analyze it and can make the right decision to keep profits and productivity high. Smart trailers make this process easier. Data from the trailer, such as real-time location, tracking capabilities, capacity, and mileage, can be gathered using IoT and AI technologies built into the trailer itself. Cameras and connected systems allow for trailer tracking from the time it departs to the time it’s loaded and to the time it reaches its destination, helping shippers and carriers better understand the flow of materials through the supply chain.

Drop-and-Hook Loads Are Also Becoming More Commonplace

Drop-and-hook trucking is simply dropping off a full trailer and hooking the truck to another loaded trailer. This practice is becoming more common because it allows companies to maximize trailer utilization. Drop-and-hook loads enable the trailer to be more efficient in its delivery time and add to the truck’s fuel efficiency. Smart trailers utilizing this practice will already have important data stored in their back-end, giving the driver access to the information they need right away to get the load delivered efficiently and allowing companies to capitalize on elevated demand.

Despite Lower Truck Orders, Trailer Orders Are Increasing

Data shows that trailers are more in demand than ever before despite low truck orders. Trailer orders for the past 12 months total 364,000 units, and experts expect this number to only go up as fleets wish to move more freight by the end of the second quarter this year and beyond due to the extended backlogs.

Managing Trailers Is Getting Easier With On-Demand Trailer Repositioning and Trailer Pools

Idle capacity requires management beyond usual standards. While an option to rent a tractor-trailer is growing, a handful of others are sitting idly. Luckily, those trailers can be easily managed and used. Trailer pools utilize trailers with little cargo to carry loads from various companies. Trailers integrated with smart technology let the drivers know where to deliver each load without the driver holding a physical manifest around. With an app on their phone, they can complete deliveries and input their data to show others who need freight.

Capitalize on Smart Trailer Rentals and Capacity Access With Help From vHub

vHub is leveraging smart trailers for fast and efficient deliveries. They are quickly getting recognized as the Airbnb of freight allowing shippers to rent trailers and put their trailers up for rent. Sign up for vHub to get started today and learn more about how they’re changing the industry!

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