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Strategies to Manage Semi Trailer Rentals and Sales

In October 2021, Transport Dive reported that “the truck driver shortage is at its highest point since the American Trucking Associations began monitoring it in 2005.” Amid this worsening crisis, shipping businesses increasingly turn to semi-trailer rentals to solve capacity issues.

Innovations in logistics technology have seen rental semi-trailers quickly become the most flexible option for businesses in need of capacity. Companies that use rental semi-trailers can save on regular expenses and instead put that money toward driver incentives. With semi-trailer rentals, companies can increase capacity while incentivizing drivers to go the extra mile.

But with more semi-trailer rent options than ever, how can shipping businesses decide which company is right for them?

Find the Semi-Trailers for Rent That Meets Specific Needs

You can’t replace a tanker with a flatbed. Finding a semi-trailer rent partner that can accommodate a business’s specialized needs can help avoid costly mix-ups that leave clients shaking their heads.

Tech-enabled rental solutions offer app-enabled software that allows renters access to a searchable inventory of the freight assets available to them. When businesses choose a tech-enabled company for their semi-trailer rentals, they choose the freedom and flexibility of an ever-expanding catalog of freight assets.

Keep Maintenance And Equipment Requirements in Mind 

Semi-trailer rentals present an affordable alternative to expensive ownership. However, semi-trailer rent still requires knowledge of regular maintenance, including equipment checks. Therefore, when considering semi-trailer rent, businesses should research the specific maintenance needs of the freight asset they’re looking to rent.

When the inevitable breakdown takes place, it’s essential to have a supportive rental partner to help your business through what could be a complicated process. Partnering with a roadside assistance company can guarantee help when businesses need it most.

Make Sure an Available Truck Will Match the Trailer

Before looking into semi-trailers for rent, businesses should consider whether or not they have the additional freight assets and personnel to get their rental trailer where it needs to go. Once a business has verified the availability of a semi-truck and driver, they can go over the capacity requirements of the trailer offered by the rental company and follow the US Department of Transportation’s requirements.

A tech-integrated, supportive rental platform allows businesses to check and double-check these requirements without stepping foot outside of the office.

Ensure That the Trailer Properly Connects to the Truck

Performing a few detailed checks can save businesses valuable time, allowing their drivers to get on the road as quickly as possible. Beyond efficiency savings, checking connections and hookups to ensure compatibility is a necessary step to assure safety throughout the transport process.

Working with a semi-trailer rent company that provides pictures of hookups and connections can save businesses time at the lot and help them maximize their bottom line.

Consider How Long You Need the Semi-Trailer Rental

Considering whether their rental is a one-off or repeated arrangement can potentially give businesses the leverage they need to negotiate special terms. Additionally, enterprises specializing in semi-trailer rentals may look to incentivize regular customers, presenting potential savings that could help a company save on their transportation costs. Regardless, knowing how long they’ll need their trailer is a way for businesses to maximize efficiency.

Inspect the Trailer End to End Before it Leaves the Lot

Businesses should instruct drivers to do detailed checks of the interior and exterior of rental trailers before leaving the parking lot. Many semi-trailer rent companies, specifically those with mobile apps, have integrated these checks into their rental processes. Partnering with one of these forward-thinking companies can help businesses incorporate vital safety measures into everyday operations.

Choose a Reliable Dealer for Semi-Trailer Rentals and Sales

There are more easy-to-use semi-trailer rent options available to businesses. However, businesses should only partner with reliable renters with a track record of successful transactions. More and more rental companies are integrating renter reviews into their mobile applications. These reviews allow potential renters to enter transactions with confidence. Good press is always a good sign.

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