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What Goes Into a Semi-Trailer Lease Agreement?

The ongoing driver shortage has forced shippers back to the basics of figuring out new ways to source capacity. Missing drivers, shippers are asked to take a second look at the potential benefits of a semi-trailer lease agreement.

In March of 2022, TransportDive reported the,  “manufacturing of dry vans is down 25% from where it stood in 2019. There simply aren’t enough semi-trailers available to haul the volume of goods needed.

This data reveals the driver shortage’s accomplice in the capacity crisis: the ongoing struggle to find freight assets o meet higher capacity demands. However, by learning about tech-integrated semi-trailer lease agreements form platforms, businesses can gain instant access to the trailer capacity they need t

Consider Financing and Payment Terms and Rate

The owner of the freight asset determines the cost to lease such equipment. Truck companies normally have to make a down payment in order to use the equipment. making for quick supply chain utilization.  The structure of loans depend on a number of factors, but usually companies must make monthly payments. Asset owners and those in need of rentals can negotiate this fee to reflect both the value of the freight asset and the renter’s bottom line.

New, app-based semi-trailer lease agreement platforms have simplified this process to include a down-payment followed by a fee per set of miles. This innovation allows businesses to avoid traditional leasing fees while maximizing the cost-effectiveness of their trailer rental lease agreement.

Think About the Length of Leasing Contract Terms

Understanding the precise terms used in a semi-trailer lease agreement form will help shippers get the most out of their commercial trailer rental agreement. It can also help companies when negotiating contract terms.

Increasingly, businesses searching for easily-accessible cargo capacity are using a short-term commercial trailer rental agreement. Supported by innovation, these trailer rental lease agreement platforms provide simple, quick leasing options for businesses searching for a low-commitment alternative to traditional leasing.

Determine What Equipment is Included in the Agreement

Businesses must consider the type of equipment included in their semi-trailer lease agreement Knowing whether or not a semi-trailer lease agreement form provides lifts, ramps, conveyor belts, hand carts, and other shipping essentials can mean the difference between a seamless, prompt delivery and a delivery that leaves clients shaking their heads.

Commercial trailer rental agreement platforms often include an album of detailed photographs of a trailer alongside its listing on their app or website. By partnering with one of these semi-trailer lease agreement platforms, businesses realize more value. They can ensure that the trailer they’re considering is the right freight asset to meet their capacity demands and that all their questions are answered.

Understand Leasing Needs and Obligations

A semi-trailer lease agreement form contains information about the leasing period renter’s responsibilities, and what maintenance needs are covered by the rental provider. Reputable leasing providers should have insurance information on hand

Working with an easy-to-use commercial trailer rental agreement provider gives companies access to innovative features like roadside assistance and easy extensions. These features keep freight assets on the road.

Ensure Claim and Dispute Processes are Addressed

To avoid unpleasant disagreements with your leasing company, make sure to closely examine your semi-trailer lease agreement before you sign it.

renters should partner with only reputable semi-trailer lease agreement form providers. Many app-based companies provide comprehensive customer reviews of both owners and renters, allowing for transparency in asset leasing. Remember, good press is a good sign.

Partner With Industry Experts to Find the Best Semi-Trailer Lease Agreement Available

With no end to the capacity crisis, it’s time for businesses to consider innovative, tech-based solutions to their capacity needs. A flexible, cost-effective semi-trailer lease agreement is only a tap away with vHub. Sign up with vHub today, and find out what the future of renting means for your business.

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